13 November 2023, by Emily Proctor

The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow weather warning for strong winds on Monday afternoon across the country. The Netherlands is set to have winds of up to 90 km / h throughout Monday afternoon and could see hail and thunderstorms on Tuesday. 

Netherlands set for a few days of windy and rainy weather

The weather, though mild in temperature for this time of the year, is set to become more stormy throughout Monday afternoon, and is expected to carry on into Tuesday. So far, the KNMI has issued a Code Yellow warning for the entire country, with specific reference to the risk of high winds near coastal areas. 

According to NL Times, more alerts could be possible on Tuesday as hail and storms are set to travel across the country, potentially causing disruption to public transport or delays and cancellations at Dutch airports. The forecast so far shows that the wind will move up the country from the south, where a Code Yellow warning is in place from 1pm.

Strongest winds expected along the North Sea

The main concern of the weather agency is strong winds rather than rainfall. Given that the Netherlands is so flat, and many of its major cities lie close to the North Sea, there is a chance that people could get injured if wind gusts become strong enough to fell tree branches or lift objects such as garden furniture into the air. The KNMI advises people to closely follow weather reports and take advice from emergency services if flooding or other environmental disasters take place.

For drivers, high winds can also be dangerous. Often, bad weather causes more accidents and therefore more traffic, so the authorities advise drivers to keep a close eye on traffic reports before setting out on journeys.

Image: Jarretera / Shutterstock.com

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