06 November 2023, by Emily Proctor

The Netherlands is now home to more billionaires than ever before, according to 2023’s Quote 500. The total number of billionaires in the Netherlands – that’s people who have more than one thousand million euros in assets or in the bank – is now 51, with Heineken heiress Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken crowned in the top spot. 

Richest person in the Netherlands is a woman

De Carvalo-Heineken has assets worth 12,6 billion euros, with their value having fallen slightly since last year. The heiress’ closest competitors are some way behind, with Luxaflex founder Ralph Sonnenberg’s total assets worth 6,2 billion euros, and Randstad founder Frits Goldschmeding behind on 5,8 billion euros.

The total assets of the Netherlands’ wealthiest people increased by 4,7 percent to almost 241 billion euros in 2023. Throughout the year nearly 70 percent of the richest people in the Netherlands saw their wealth increase. 

Dutch solar panel accessories CEO sees highest growth in wealth

The Dutch person with the fastest-growing wealth in 2023 was Esdec CEO Stijn Vos. His firm makes mounting systems for solar panels and saw a surge in the value of their capital after the proposed IPO of Edsec raised the value of his assets by 368,8 percent, to 750 million euros. 

The highest new entrant to the list is Hans de Haard, part of the Belgian biotech company Argenx, who has been named the 151st richest person in the Netherlands, with capital of 350 million euros. Of the 500 richest people named in the ranking, only 54 saw their wealth decrease in 2023.

Thumb image credit: Dutchmen Photography / Shutterstock.com

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