27 October 2023, by Abi Carter

Anyone celebrating Halloween in the Netherlands this weekend will be treated to a spooky celestial spectacle: a partial lunar eclipse is set to grace the skies on the night of Saturday, October 28! 

Harvest Moon eclipse visible from the Netherlands this weekend

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves through the Earth’s shadow, making it appear as if a bite has been taken out of it. At this time of year, the full moon is known as the “Hunter’s Moon” and sometimes, even more appropriately, as the “Blood Moon”.

However, that name is giving rise to some confusion, as Saturday’s spectacle isn’t a full lunar eclipse, which gives the moon a fantastic glowing red appearance – also known as a “Blood Moon”. Instead, during a partial lunar eclipse, the whole surface of the moon will dim slightly, and a sliver of it will be noticeably darker – spooky! 

Lunar eclipse will begin at 8.01pm on October 28, 2023

The phenomenon will begin at 8.01pm precisely on the evening of Saturday, October 28, reaching its peak at 10.15pm, if you’re gazing from Utrecht. The lunar eclipse will end at 12.29am, according to Weeronline

If you’re holding out for a full lunar eclipse, you’ll be waiting a while. The next one is not predicted to appear until September 2025. 

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