12 October 2023, by Emily Proctor

In the coming days, the daytime temperature in the Netherlands is set to fall below 15 degrees Celsius for the first time in around five months. While the forecasters at Weerplaza say that the weather in the next few days will still be relatively mild for this time of the year, it may take some getting used to after the recent warm months.

Dutch forecasters predict an end to mild October weather

Residents of the Netherlands could will likely see some frost in the mornings over the coming days and weeks, as temperatures start to fall during the night time. For mid-October, nighttime temperatures of around 7 degrees Celsius are expected. During the day residents can expect 14-15 degrees.

October 2023 has already been hotter than usual, with temperatures around the early 20s since the start of the month The summer season saw global temperatures soar and the Netherlands broke a number of weather records. A cold weather front is now returning to the Netherlands and is expected to bring an end to the mild start to the autumn season, starting over the upcoming weekend. Nonetheless, 2023 is still set to be the hottest year ever recorded on Earth.

Polar air to bring cold weather to the Netherlands in the coming days

Weerplaza meteorologist Wouter van Bernebeek now appears certain that the coming weeks will become much colder in the Netherlands.  “It can freeze a bit at night and early morning. That’s not surprising for the time of year. It is actually quite late before the first frost on the ground,” the expert stated, as reported by AD

The weather will start to become colder over the coming days due to the presence of a northerly wind bringing polar air down to the Netherlands.  “We are dealing with a north wind that brings air from the Arctic Circle, and we have not had that north wind for a long time. Then you really have to go back to late spring, when it was cold for quite a long time. But that polar air is no longer very cold by the time it reaches us, because the air is still warmed by the warm sea”, Van Bernebeek told AD.

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