The Netherlands will vote for a new government on November 22. We would like to hear what you think are the big issues and how you would vote (if you could).

Please take a couple of minutes to fill in this quick and confidential 15-question survey from DutchNews. There are ABC book tokens to give away to ten readers who help out.

No taxation without representation? Participate in the election survey     Millions of Dutch people will vote in the general election but unless you are a Dutch national, you won’t have any say in how your taxes are spent. Nevertheless, we would like to hear your thoughts on the November vote, how you would vote if you could and what you think about voting rights. Participate in the survey!

Have your say and take part in this local election survey for expatsThe survey is aimed at raising the international community’s voice and providing the local government with advice based on real experiences had by internationals. Through this confidential survey, the organisers aim to identify the main issues the expat community is facing and can thereby find out which parties are most likely to win the expat vote. 

Calling on IamExpat readersWhat are your experiences with Dutch politics? What issues are close to your heart? Will you cast your vote? Let your voice be heard and share your experiences as you participate in the survey.

The more people who take part in the survey, the more strength it will have, so take a moment to fill in the survey before it closes. Responses will be collated, anonymised and presented to policymakers in a report.     


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