10 October 2023, by Emily Proctor

Highly skilled migrants, international students, temporary workers and refugees are just some of the many types of migrants that moved to live, work and study in the Netherlands in 2022. The year saw a significant increase in the number of migrants applying to stay in the Netherlands, mostly due to the sudden arrival of around 108.000 Ukrainians fleeing conflict in their home country, according to annual data released by the Ministry of Justice. 

More refugees, highly skilled migrants, international students in 2022

The Netherlands welcomed more refugees, highly skilled migrants, and international students to the country in 2022, in large part due to the arrival of more than 100.000 Ukrainian refugees following the outbreak of war in the country. In total, the Netherlands received more than 403.000 in-migrants in 2022, 61 percent more than in 2021. 

The number of Dutch citizens and expats leaving the country in 2022 was around 179.000, resulting in a net positive migration of around 224.000 people. The number of asylum seekers (people who have applied for refugee status but whose claim has not yet been evaluated) has also increased in 2022, but by a less significant 33 percent. 

Most in-migration comes from other EU nations

Most migrants that come to live, work, study or even retire in the Netherlands move to the country from other EU nations. The most “new” migrants arriving in the Netherlands last year were from the trade bloc, with the most common country of origin being Poland. In total, 129.000 migrants came to the Netherlands from the EU in 2022.

Around one-third of migrants entering the Netherlands were from outside the European Union, coming to the Netherlands for work or study. A significant number of these migrants also moved to the Netherlands to be with their families.

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