08 October 2023, by Emily Proctor

Tired of carting your hand luggage to the airport only to get smacked with a huge bill to take it onboard? Well thankfully, change could be coming due to an EU parliamentary resolution proposing a ban on charging for carry-on luggage!

EU resolution could see an end to fees for carry-on luggage in the Netherlands

An EU-wide resolution could soon put an end to costly charges for your carry-on case across the Netherlands, but more widely across the continent as well. The EU Parliament’s Committee on Petitions is keen to prevent airlines from charging for hand luggage and is seeking to simplify the overall ticket pricing system for European airlines. 

The resolution also seeks clarification on the weight and dimensions of hand luggage, arguing that the inconsistency between airlines as to what is permitted onboard makes purchasing plane tickets overly complicated for consumers. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are demanding standardised rules across airlines on sizing and pricing as part of the proposed reforms. 

MEPs are not just concerned about the price of carry-on luggage

The creators of the resolution are keen to highlight not only the unfairness and inconsistency of carry-on luggage prices, but also the inconvenience caused by passengers having to pay for hand luggage at later points of their travel, such as at the gate. 

According to a press release from the European Parliament, when passengers use different airlines or need to change their plans, “inconsistent rules create confusion”, and having different rules between airlines can make it more difficult for transferring passengers as well. The press release also hints at a potential ban on other hidden costs, such as those relating to seat allocation. “New legislation should also address other hidden costs, for example fees related to seat allocation, argue MEPs,” the press release stated.

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