29 September 2023, by Emily Proctor

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has opened its new Van Gogh x Pokémon exhibition to celebrate the museum’s 15th anniversary. The museum hopes to bring in a younger audience as part of its anniversary celebrations. 

Pokémon exhibition at Van Gogh Museum open until January

The exhibition, which will feature famous characters from the Pokémon world such as Pikachu, Eevee and Snorlaxs, will be open until January 7. The museum is showing famous Van Gogh paintings with a Pokémon twist – the characters will replace some of the most iconic Van Gogh figures and features from the esteemed Dutch painter’s most famous works. 

The paintings on display in the exhibit include Pickachu as Vincent van Gogh in his Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat (1887), Snorlax and Munchlax worked into The Bedroom (1888), and Sunflora among the Sunflowers (1889). In total, the museum will showcase six paintings created by The Pokémon Company, all of which have drawn inspiration from Van Gogh’s most famous artworks. 

Pokémon and Van Gogh are undeniably connected, says the museum

According to the museum, Pokémon and Van Gogh have a lot in common, despite their differing audience. According to the NL Times, Van Gogh admired Japanese prints and even drew inspiration for his own work from the Japanese style of art. In turn, Van Gogh also provided inspiration for the creators of Pokémon – with the character’s famous bold colours.

“We are always looking for fantastic partners that we can create unique and joyful experiences with for Pokémon fans, and we have genuinely found that in working with the Van Gogh Museum. There is a strong link between the inspiration behind Pokemon and the inspiration behind some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous works. With this collaboration, we really hope that we can see children discovering and immersing themselves into the world of art through the incredible works of Van Gogh and Pokémon,” Mathieu Galante, director of licencing at The Pokémon Company International, told the NL Times.

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