Published: 22 September 2023Modified: 22 September 2023

A citywide ban in The Hague on carrying utility knives in public areas or in publicly accessible buildings took effect on 18 September 2023. Utility knives include kitchen knives and craft knives. The ban enables the police to do more against the possession of knives. The ban is 1 of the measures to reduce the use of weapons.

If the police see that somebody is carrying a knife without a clear goal, they can hand out a fine. A completely packed knife which cannot be used right away will be permitted. And it will still be possible to use a knife to peel an apple on a park bench.

The ban is mainly focused on reducing violent incidents involving young people and knives. Young people are increasingly carrying kitchen and other utility knives with them in public.

National banMayor Van Zanen of The Hague has wanted a national ban on knives for some time. To this end he and other mayors have been pushing for a change to the Wet wapens en munitie (Weapons and Ammunition Act). Until this law is amended The Hague will work with the local knife ban.  

The police will not be permitted to carry out extra (preventative) body searches under the ban on knives.

More informationLook at the Wijziging Algemene plaatselijke verordening voor de gemeente Den Haag (


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