Hey there, future Dutchies! So, you’re looking to trade your current views for the charming canals, tulip fields and historic artefacts of the Netherlands? You’ve landed at the right place. This guide from Holland Movers is your ultimate companion to finding a Dutch city that feels like thuis (“home”).

The Netherlands is way more than Amsterdam. Whether you’re an innovator looking to immerse yourself in Rotterdam, or looking for a peaceful city like Utrecht, there’s a city here with your name written all over it. So, hop on your future fiets (“bicycle”) and let’s get started on your Dutch adventure!

Amsterdam: The roaring capital of the NetherlandsAh, Amsterdam – the dreamy land of canals and cobblestones! If you’ve ever fantasised about living in a city with historic architecture with modern comforts, then look no further. Meandering through its streets feels like you’re walking inside a postcard, complete with iconic gabled houses beside the canals. But the city also offers serene green spaces, like the famed Vondelpark, where you can even get some remote work done.

What really sets Amsterdam apart is its electrifying atmosphere. The city pulses with youthful energy, thanks to a thriving student community. Amsterdam can be as lively or as laid-back as you want it to be. With its international character, Amsterdam is home to people from over 180 countries! Your next-door neighbour could be from Brazil, your grocer from India and your go-to barista from Australia.

With such a global melting pot, it’s no wonder Amsterdam is a top pick for young expats around the world.

Rotterdam: Start your Dutch life in the vibrant port cityNext stop: Rotterdam. The city where modernity takes centre stage. Ever fancied living in a place that feels like a 21st-century architectural marvel? That’s Rotterdam for you. The skyline here isn’t just a skyline; it’s a work of art, marked by iconic structures like the Erasmus Bridge and the Cube Houses. Don’t get us started on the port – it’s not just a port; it’s a world unto itself, bustling with ships, cranes and endless job opportunities.

Rotterdam vibrates with a youthful energy that rivals even Amsterdam’s vivacious atmosphere. Whether you’re strolling down Witte de Withstraat brimming with art galleries and hip cafés, or taking a leisurely bike ride along the Maas, Rotterdam feels alive. In Rotterdam, you’ll experience a thriving expat scene and a cost of living that lets you enjoy more for less, so it’s no wonder Rotterdam is climbing the charts as a top choice for young expats.

Utrecht: Living among the peaceful canalsNow, let’s delve into the cosy charm of Utrecht. Ever dreamt of a city that offers the canals of Amsterdam and the vibrancy of Rotterdam, but with a touch of small-town allure? Utrecht is the place for you. Utrecht’s canals are unique – instead of roads, you’ve got pedestrian pathways right by the water, giving you an almost intimate experience with the city’s aquatic beauty.

Utrecht is a powerhouse of youthful energy. The city is a hub for students, startups, and everyone in between. Whether you’re visiting the Dom or enjoying live music in Neude Square, Utrecht’s cultural offerings are as varied as they are delightful. Plus, Utrecht offers all these perks without the heavy price tag you’d find in Amsterdam. It’s like getting the best of both worlds in one delightful package.

With its unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities, Utrecht is becoming a fast favourite among expats who are looking for a balanced Dutch experience.

Maastricht: Living the expat life in the sunny southAlright, let’s head south and discover Maastricht. Dreaming of cobblestone streets that stretch like threads through a rich tapestry of European history? Maastricht has it in spades. This city is practically a living museum. But this student-friendly city is also a swirling pot of cultures, languages and ideas, making it a true European melting pot. And let’s not forget its proximity to Belgium and Germany, making spontaneous cross-border adventures an alluring possibility.

Living in Maastricht doesn’t require the budget of an Amsterdam expat. While not as cheap as some other Dutch cities, it offers an affordable lifestyle that gives you more room to explore and enjoy. With its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and a location that serves as a gateway to Europe, Maastricht is fast emerging as a dream locale for expats who want the whole European experience wrapped in one picturesque package.

Delft: The best tech hub for expatsTime for our last stop: Delft, a city where innovation and history are combined in beautiful harmony. Ever thought about residing in a town that feels like it’s been plucked straight out of a Vermeer painting? That’s Delft for you. Its historic city centre is a canvas of cultural significance. You’ll find yourself strolling through narrow lanes, bordered by centuries-old houses.

But here’s the twist: Delft isn’t just about timeless charm; it’s a modern-day innovation hub. Home to the prestigious Delft University of Technology, the city is a playground for budding engineers. Delft is a place where history meets high-tech.

Another feather in Delft’s cap? The affordability factor. While you get to soak up a rich cultural scene and groundbreaking innovation, your wallet isn’t left gasping for air. The cost of living here is reasonable, especially compared to the more well-known Dutch cities, making Delft a hidden gem for expats looking for a diverse yet balanced lifestyle.

Experiences for every type of expatAnd there you have it! From the iconic canals of Amsterdam to the innovative spirit of Delft, the Netherlands offers a wide choice of experiences for every type of expat. Each city we’ve explored comes with its own unique opportunities. So, why settle for the mundane when you can have a truly Dutch experience that suits your lifestyle to a tee? Grab that passport, pack your bags, and let the winds of change guide you to your new Dutch home. Tot ziens!

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