17 September 2023, by Emily Proctor

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is set to collaborate with Disney in October 2023 to celebrate 100 years since the Walt Disney Company was created. The museum will work with the US media giant on a number of projects hoping to bring the Rijksmuseum’s stories to a wider audience.

100 years since Walt Disney Company was founded

On October 16, 2023, Disney will celebrate its century-long existence, and will enter into collaborations with a number of different organisations around the world to celebrate the milestone. The Rijksmuseum has been chosen as a local partner here in the Netherlands, as both the museum and the media company can share each others stories and hope to bring their tales to even more people. 

“At the museum, there’s a story for everyone”, Hendrikje Crebolder, director of development and media at the Rijksmuseum told ANP. “By partnering with Disney, we hope more families and children will discover and be inspired by these stories, just as the Walt Disney Company has done for nearly a hundred years. Think, for example, of the many clocks, keys, cabinets, and teapots in their iconic films that are inspired by famous objects in European art.”

Rijksmuseum has a track record of working with Disney

The museum has a track record of working with the Walt Disney company, evidenced by its previous collaborations with the Donald Duck magazine. Disney licenced the magazine under the European media group DPG, and has a number of Donald Duck-related features for young people visiting the museum. 

The Donald Duck partnership received an award in 2019 and the character continues to be a beloved icon in the lives of many Dutch kids. As part of the partnership, visits by schools to the museum provided students with their very own special edition of the Donald Duck magazine with themes relating to the Rijksmuseum, such as showcasing the work of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

Thumb image credit: nikkimeel / Shutterstock.com

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