10 September 2023, by Victoria Séveno

Are you a fast food fanatic? If popping into your local Maccy D’s for some nuggets or a cheeseburger is your guilty pleasure, you might be interested to know that your location could be having a significant impact on the prices you’re paying for a meal. 

According to a recent article published by RTL Nieuws, the cost of a Big Mac menu varies greatly from city to city; while customers in Rotterdam pay around 9,75 euros, those in Enschede and Henglo should be prepared to fork over a whopping 15,05 euros! 

Fast food in the Netherlands certainly isn’t cheap

Generally, fast food is favoured for being quick and affordable. Whether you’re at an airport and are in need of a speedy snack, or are biking home after a night out where you perhaps enjoyed one too many beers, a quick stop at McDonalds is likely to hit the spot. 

While many are already aware that Mcdonald’s prices vary across different countries – with an average price of 13,50 euros for a Big Mac menu, the Netherlands has the highest price in the eurozone – but according to a report by RTL Nieuws, prices can also differ greatly depending where in the Netherlands you are. 

McDonald’s prices different in each Dutch city

But why is it that some Dutch cities see higher prices than others? According to ING’s Dirk Mulder – a retail specialist at the major Dutch bank – this is largely due to higher operational costs in the major cities: “The purchasing costs in Deventer are comparable to those in Amsterdam. The main cause of high costs is the rent of the building and the staff.” 

With higher rents, higher salaries for workers, and a higher turnover of staff establishments in key locations tend to charge higher prices. According to RTL Nieuws, locations in the centre of Amsterdam, at Schiphol Airport and near the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht are known for being the most expensive.

Thumb: Dragos Asaftei via Shutterstock.com.

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