Published: 18 August 2023Modified: 18 August 2023

The municipality will soon start carrying out its annual check on the dog tax. Door-to-door checks will take place in different neighbourhoods in the city. The goal is to track down dog owners who are not paying their dog tax.

Most dog owners report their pets properly and on time. However, there is a small percentage of dog owners who ignore the rules. This is unfair to dog owners who do pay.

Legitiem inspectorsOfficials from the company Legitiem will carry out the door-to-door checks on behalf of the municipality. The inspectors will be able to identify themselves using an identity card from the municipality.

Register for the taxYou are obliged to register for the dog tax if you have 1 or more dogs. You have 6 weeks to report your dog after it comes to live with you.

Avoid a fineAvoid fines and register your dog(s) on time. The easiest way is to do this online. Read more information on the page Dog tax.


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