When searching for a new home, visiting properties can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. You could be stepping into the house of your dreams, so being well-prepared for a viewing is essential. Rutger from Waltmann Makelaars gives you some useful questions to ask the seller beforehand.

During the homebuying process, numerous aspects come into play, so make sure to ask the following questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property:

1. How long has the property been on the market?Though the duration of the property’s availability may not seem significant at first glance, it can indeed be relevant. If the home has been on the market for an extended period, the owner might be more willing to accept a lower offer to sell it quickly. It could also indicate lower popularity. Overall, it’s important to investigate the reasons behind the property’s previously unsold status.

2. Has the seller found another home?Enquiring about the seller’s home situation can impact your negotiation strategy. If they’ve already secured another property, they might be eager to sell quickly, presenting an advantage for your initial offer. Conversely, if they haven’t found another home and aren’t in a rush to find a buyer, your opening bid may need to be higher. Either way, understanding the seller’s position is crucial.

3. Why is the property being sold?To secure a high-quality property, you should find out the motivations behind the sale. Are they looking for a bigger home for their growing family? Are they moving for work? Their reason for selling could align with your preferences, making their property more appealing to you. Also, find out how long the current owner has lived in the house; a quick departure may warrant further investigation.

4. How is the neighbourhood for living?Before you attend the viewing, enquire about the neighbourhood and its surroundings. While you might have some general familiarity with the area, you never know who your future neighbours will be. Ask the seller about their experiences and impressions of what it is like to live there.

5. What are the additional costs associated with the property?Besides the purchase price, you should also consider the hidden expenses such as municipal fees as well as gas and electricity charges. For apartments, factor in potential costs associated with the Homeowners’ Association. Maintenance expenses are also essential to assess for sound financial planning.

6. Is there significant interest in the property?Understanding the property’s popularity will help you determine whether swift action is necessary or if you can take more time to decide whether to buy or not. Based on the level of interest, you can decide whether to include specific conditions in a preliminary sales contract.

7. Can you negotiate to keep certain items?Feel free to discuss the possibility of including movable assets, like specific fixtures or furnishings, in your negotiations with the seller. Sometimes it is possible to bring these things along to your new place, but sometimes it’s not. Ask the previous seller about their experience with these things and whether it is easy to do or not.

Good luck on your housing searchBefore your property viewing, create a comprehensive list of questions to ensure you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. A well-prepared approach is essential for the best outcome!

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a professional real estate agent, such as Waltmann Makelaars. They can guide you throughout the entire process, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.


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