30 July 2023, by Victoria Séveno

A recent study conducted by Hendrik Beerda has revealed the top destinations in the Netherlands for Dutch tourists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, staycationing Dutchies prefer to head as far south as possible to enjoy the rolling hills and nicer weather in Limburg. 

Hendrik Beerda’s Cities-Regions-Brands Survey 2023

Whether limited by the travel restrictions that were in place during the coronavirus pandemic, or just wanting to make the most of all that the Netherlands has to offer, you don’t have to go abroad when the holidays come around. In fact, many Dutchies enjoy staying right here in the Netherlands, as they explore different parts of their home country. 

But where do the Dutch like to visit the most? Once again, Hendrik Beerda set out to find out the answer to that very question in their latest Cities-Regions-Brands Survey. Carried out in collaboration with two Dutch universities (the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University), the study monitors the reputation of the 100 largest municipalities, as well as all Dutch regions and provinces.

Limburg and Maastricht found to have the most to offer Dutch tourists

The 2023 edition of the survey has once again found that Limburg is – perhaps unsurprisingly – the number one destination for domestic tourists. The province “stands head and shoulders above the other provinces when it comes to the quality of the stay and the happy atmosphere,” according to the market research company. Those visiting Limburg were found to generally prefer to travel to and around the area by car

As for the number one city, Maastricht has, like in 2022, taken the top spot, with the report noting that Limburg as a whole “owes much of its attractiveness as a holiday province to its capital.” The Dutch people surveyed described the southern city as the “most dynamic and creative city outside the Randstad,” with plenty of delicious food, gorgeous landscapes and a nice atmosphere. 

Best provinces, municipalities, and cities to visit in the Netherlands

According to the people of the Netherlands, the best provinces to visit are: 

  1. Limburg
  2. Drenthe
  3. Gelderland
  4. Zeeland
  5. Friesland

Meanwhile, the cities and municipalities with the most to offer are:

  1. Maastricht
  2. Middelburg
  3. Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  4. Amsterdam
  5. The Hague

For more information about the survey, visit the Hendrik Beerda website.

Thumb: domestic tourists via Shutterstock.com.

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