Sanne Boon ( is an interior architect and therefore looks at The Hague from a different perspective. What are her favorite interior stores? And what does she think is the most beautiful building and the most beautiful place in our city? After living in The Hague for for years, she now shares her favourites!

About Sanne

“I have now been living in The Hague for years and I don’t plan to leave anytime soon! I am an interior architect and I work on both private and business projects, mainly in The Hague. In addition, together with a friend, I have an office space where we sublet desk workplaces. Here we are now with a very nice club of (The Hague) creative entrepreneurs.”

Favorieten van Sanne
Photo: Sanne Boon

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Favourite interior design stores

“I have two favorite interior design stores in The Hague: Fort M and Studio MØBEL. Fort M is a very nice store with a wonderful selection. In addition, the owners are nice people who help you well. Studio MØBEL is an inspiring place where you can find design products from Pastoe, Tiptoe, Spectrum Design and A-Volt, among others. They also sell second-hand design furniture, which makes it fun to discover beautiful things.”

Photo: FortM

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The City Hall and Theater Diligentia

“I think the City Hall is a very beautiful building in The Hague. It is very imposing and I love how much interplay of lines and repetition has been incorporated into the architecture.

In addition, I think Theater Diligentia is a beautiful building. It is a historic and stately building from the outside, located on the Lange Voorhout. The inside, on the other hand, is very modern. Here, the interior has actually been given a completely new shell, with several vistas. The contrast of old and new is enhanced in this, which I think looks very cool.”

Most beautiful restaurants

“As far as restaurants are concerned, I think Gabri (formerly Vincenzo’s) and Bøg are very nicely decorated and everything is correct. I don’t like big restaurant concepts, but I do like restaurants that are quirky and stand out above the rest. Gabri and Bøg’s interiors are definitely different from the rest.

I also really like Bartine Bakery and Single Estate Coffee Roasters. They are both located in the Piet Heinstraat, a nice street to walk around. Single Estate Coffee Roasters has a beautiful interior where every detail has been thought through, and you can see that at Bartine.”

Photo: Francine van der Wansem

Single Estate Coffee Roasters

Piet Heinstraat 15, 1024 CB Den Haag

Favorieten van SanneFavorieten van Sanne More information F Favorieten van Sanne

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Haagse Bos and the old center

“I think the most beautiful place is the Haagse Bos. Not necessarily in terms of architecture, of course, but I think it is very special that you imagine yourself in nature here, while it is practically next to the center. You’ll be there in no time and there’s a friendly atmosphere, especially when the weather is nice! I also think the old center of The Hague is a nice place and a nice part. Think of the Oude Molstraat, Papestraat and the Buitenhof.”

Favorieten van SanneFavorieten van Sanne
Photo: Francine van der Wansem
Favorieten van Sanne

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Get inspiration

“To get inspired I go to the port of Scheveningen. I come from Enkhuizen, which is a harbor village. If I wanted to relax, I went into the harbor, and I still do that now and then in The Hague. I really enjoy cycling there and sitting on a bench.

I also think that the Voorlinden museum is a beautiful building. In combination with the great art, this is a very inspiring environment. Sculpture garden Clingenbosch is an extra gift.”

Favorieten van Sanne
Photo: Francine van der Wansem

Voorlinden museum & gardens

Buurtweg 15, 1024 AG Wassenaar

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