The cut on one of the busiest roads in Amsterdam, the Weesperstraat, has been closed. With this far-reaching and much-discussed measure, the municipality wanted to investigate the effects on traffic, safety, air quality, noise and the perception of residents in six weeks. The closure was lifted on Sunday.

The trial with the ‘Weesperknip’ fits in with Amsterdam’s intention to make the city car-free, more liveable and safer. Normally, more than 1500 cars per hour drive on the Weesperstraat in the center.

Tumbling In recent weeks, the test led to a lot of commotion among local residents and road users. The closure created a lot of extra traffic on other roads in the city. Emergency services were also sometimes hindered by the closure, which was marked with flower boxes and barriers, and entrepreneurs and taxi drivers were the victims. Some local residents were happy with the peace.

There were two emergency debates and traffic alderman Melanie van der Horst survived a motion of censure. The cut was maintained with the necessary adjustments, and the alderman had to keep the council informed every day of reports about the emergency and emergency services in the Weesperstraat.

Van der Horst acknowledges that the test has caused quite a stir in the city. “It gives an idea of ​​the complex task we are facing and I thank everyone for their patience,” said the alderman.

Valuable information The municipality will evaluate the trial through discussions with residents, entrepreneurs and other parties. The final report is expected in November. According to Van der Horst, it is already clear that valuable information has been collected, “particularly because the conversation has started about the elementary question of what we can and want to make room for in our increasingly busier city”. against cut Weesperstraat: ‘Open the barriers’


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