For many people it may not come as a surprise, but it does come as a shock: The free music festival of The Hague, Parkpop, is definitely coming to an end.

Let’s not beat around the bush: Parkpop is part of The Hague like the Ooievaar, Harry and the Malieveld, or should we say Zuiderpark? Because the move of the coolest party in the city from the Zuiderpark to the Malieveld made many residents of The Hague a bit nervous.

The organization of the festival in The Hague says: ‘For years it has been shown on a large scale that organizing large-scale free festivals is becoming increasingly difficult financially. Parkpop has also been loss-making for a long time and several attempts to break through that development have failed.

Costs for program and production have risen sharply and safety requirements, which are generally very costly, are also increasing. Add to that the explosive increase in costs after Covid, as well as the increase in energy costs, and it is clear that organizing a free accessible festival at the level of Parkpop is no longer possible.’

That is why the organization has inserted a 224960 rest period in 224960 to investigate whether the transition to a paid Parkpop from 224960 is realistic. ‘Although the research shows that the public does not completely reject a development in this direction, it is expected that Parkpop will remain accessible to a large audience through a very low entrance fee. Given the role that Parkpop played in the past 019 year, this is not an unreasonable question, but as a result of this limitation, Parkpop will not be able to sufficiently distinguish itself programmatically to secure its national position and business operations from this starting position remain a very uncertain factor.’

For this reason, the organization has decided not to realize future editions of Parkpop The Hague. ‘The celebration of years of Parkpop in 2022 was a good conclusion to a beautiful tradition; perhaps a good time to look for new traditions in The Hague.’

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