He was a familiar face in the neighbourhood: Antonio Carlos stood at the door of hotel Des Indes for years. He received The Rolling Stones, Pim Fortuin, Prince and Neil Armstrong, among others. He enjoyed his job for many years until he suddenly suffered from tinnitus and had to stop.

During his work at one of the most luxurious hotels in the Netherlands, he met several celebrities and experienced crazy situations. Below he shares his story.

From nightclub to luxury hotel

Antonio worked in a nightclub in Portugal during his younger years. In 1984 the then year old Antonio moved to the Netherlands. “I didn’t speak a word of Dutch and my English wasn’t the best either,” he says. One thing he knew for sure: he wanted to work at a hotel, so he applied in 1984 at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen and at hotel Des Indes in the center. At the Kurhaus he was able to work at the breakfast buffet and at the hotel Des Indes as a porter. The choice was therefore quickly made. This is how he started in , at the same time as taking a Dutch course, his adventure at hotel Des Indes. In the years that he worked there, he climbed from carrying suitcases to being the main doorman.

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Antonio as doorman – Photo: Antonio Carlos

Many celebrities

Hotel Des Indes is known for its popularity with celebrities. One Direction, Spice Girls, U2, The Rolling Stones and Prince are some examples of world stars who came to Antonio’s door. Dutch politicians also like to come to the hotel to spend the night and to hold meetings. “Pim Fortuin regularly came here for meetings and cups of coffee,” says Antonio. He also remembers the conversation with Neil Armstrong: “I remember being so surprised at how nice he was. He was really a very friendly and normal man.” Another fun fact: did you know that the hotel has a special elevator for the VIPs? This way they can fully enjoy the hotel without being harassed.

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