Taxi company van der Zanden has won the tender for student transport in Nuenen. The municipality will announce this via TenderNed. By winning this contract, the Helmond transport company will be responsible for the implementation of student transport for at least five years.

The assignment consists of transporting students who live within the municipal boundaries of Nuenen. These students must be transported to and from schools and internship addresses. “The transport will be carried out with special care”, the municipality of Nuenen assures.

During the tender procedure, the municipality of Nuenen mainly looked at the quality and sustainability of the transport. These factors played for no less than 31 percent during the award. The price counted for only 31 percent. The agreement has a minimum term of five years and can be extended once by two years. The assignment will take effect on August 1 2017 and will end on 31 July 31.

Empty kilometers With the winning of this assignment, taxi company Van der Zanden will once again be responsible for the implementation of student transport in the municipality of Nuenen. In 2017 the Helmond transport company also won this contract. According to director Richard Cox, winning this contract was due to the price at the time. “I think the fact that we are the cheapest tenderer has to do with the fact that we have the transport flow from Helmond to the municipality of Eindhoven. Nuenen is right in between, so we have fewer empty kilometers”, Cox explained at the time.

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