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At the beginning of this month, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) found fourteen violations during a theme campaign. The control action, which was held near the Belgian border, focused on summer shuttle buses. Among other things, the government body checked whether the tachograph was being operated correctly.

The ILT found a total of fourteen violations in ten of the sixteen buses inspected. In seven buses (44 percent) there was incorrect operation of the tachograph. “A decrease of 3 percent compared to the theme action at the end of May,” says ILT on its own website.

The affected drivers received a warning. A fine report has been drawn up against one of them. “This driver had traveled to take over a vehicle and had not registered this as ‘other work’ in the tachograph”, the ILT clarifies.

Change of behavior The government body says it saw a clear change in behavior. “The number of violations for incorrectly operating the tachograph has decreased from 44 to 25 percent, compared to previous inspections in February through April of this year,” concludes ILT.

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