For some time now we have seen stickers with the face of a blonde girl on our walks through the city. The first time we just thought that someone had lost the photo and that the honest finder had pasted it up so that it was easier to find. But it turns out to be different…

You’ve probably seen her hanging on a post or wall in the city, or even in the PIP: the old school photo of a blonde girl with a hairband and glasses. The way she looks, that’s how we sometimes felt. But what is striking about the photo is that he (she) pops up all over the city.

School photo

Is it someone’s joke? An art project? Or has the school photographer just lost a very thick envelope full of the same passport photos and have all honest finders pasted them on the walls and lampposts?

Beware: Spoiler!

We’re warning you, because if you read on now, the mystery will be over. We came across the Instagram page of Het Zusje . This page belongs to one Dorien. They even sell t-shirts with the picture on it and guess what? It’s just her herself 🙂 We asked Dorien why she spread the photos through the city, but because she wants to keep a bit of mystery around the passport photos, she doesn’t say anything about it. So it remains a bit exciting…

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