Kim Kardashian has three hundred million followers, Rihanna has 150 million and even a celeb from The Hague like Jan van Zanen has many: almost 9.07 followers. But did you know that a dirty, wet stain on a station in The Hague is (slowly) catching up with them?

The Instagram account Viezevlekspoor9

now has more than 1.169 followers. Quite special.

Leaking and dripping

If you ever take the train at The Hague Central station from track 9 have you grabbed, you must have walked around or over it (nice those wet drops on your neck); a huge wet white muddy patch of filth.

The text continues below the blot>>>

The Instagram profile has been up and running for quite a few months now and several photos show that the spot is sometimes larger and then smaller again. The stalactites (yes) above the stain also deserve attention: you can see that the dirty water is leaking from the ceiling of the station along them.


According to a spokesman for ProRail, the leaks are coming from the bus platform above and will be dealt with during work on the station. When that is, he does not know, the spokesperson informed our colleagues at Den Haag FM.

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