The summer holidays have finally started! You don’t have to travel far to make something beautiful out of it. You can be in Delft by train in fifteen minutes. There is more than enough to do there this summer. Check this page for all summer events and activities in Delft.

With or without kids, culture or nature, active or relaxed – you can count on having fun in Delft.

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Several museums have activities for children this summer | Photo: Royal Delft Museum

Holiday activities for the kids

It’s mainly summer vacation for the kids. They will certainly enjoy themselves with all the activities in the city. There are several quests on the summer program in the city. Fun and educational.

Every Wednesday there is the Feniks Summer Club for children from 6 to 12 years old. Every week there is something different on the program, but it is always sporty and creative.

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Cycling in the area through the beautiful nature | Photo Michael Kooren

Nature and sport

With or without kids: there are beautiful natural environments in and around Delft. It is wonderful to stay and walk in De Delftse Hout, De Balij or at the Dobbelplas. The summer in Delft is the time to experience beautiful (walking) areas!

Get on your bike and discover even more. For example with the route between Delft and Scheveningen. From Delft you also cycle through Schiedam past historic buildings and a lot of greenery and water. A longer route that is worthwhile: the regional products route. This tour takes you through five municipalities.

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Delft has lovely terraces | Photo: Delft Marketing


At the end of such a bike ride you certainly deserve a refreshing drink on the terrace. There is plenty of choice in Delft. With your face in the sun and on the canal you are always in the right place. It is certainly fun at the Beestenmarkt. Here you will find classic Delft catering establishments.

Prefer intimate and cosy? Then check out the Doelenplein. Here you can also enjoy tapas. Tasty! For a coffee break you are at the right place at the Markt. Time for beer? You guessed it: go to the Brouwplein!

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Take a tile workshop at Royal Delft Museum | Photo: Royal Delft

Art, science and biology

There is no shortage of culture in Delft. There are also many organized activities for children at the museums. Not to be missed is the Royal Delft Museum on Rotterdamseweg 196. Admire the complete oeuvre of Johannes Vermeer in the Vermeer Center on the Voldersgracht 21. You will also find museums of a completely different caliber in Delft.

Learn about the history of psychiatry at Historisch Joris or view historical pharmaceutical instruments at Museum De Griffioen. Delft has more interesting places to visit: Hortus Botanicus, the botanical garden of Delft and RADIUS: center for art and ecology in the water tower for example.

Delft Summer Festival

You thought that the summer in Delft was thus complete? Not really! The Delft Festival Summer is full of music festivals, parties and Delft summer beer. Check all events and festivals this summer and plan your holiday in Delft!

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Delfste Festival Summer | Photo: Delft Chamber Music Festival

A real vacation in Delft

It’s only a real vacation if you don’t sleep at home. Moreover, there is so much to do this summer that it is better to stay overnight in the city to get as much as possible. There are more than enough hotels and B&Bs to stay in Delft. Prefer camping? Camping Delftse Hout is only a twenty minute walk from the market!

In short: the summer in Delft has plenty to offer. You don’t have to leave the country at all to go on holiday. Check this page for more information and tips for your holiday in Delft.


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