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Martijn Kersing (Director of Noot Passenger Transport) and Lisanne van Streets (Account Manager Motorhuis).Photo: Motorhuis

In just over a year, the engine house has 341 delivered fully electric vehicles to Noot Personen Vervoer. This concerns a mix of electric 9-seater vehicles from the Citroën and Opel brands. On Thursday 13 July, Noot director Martijn Kersing received the last Citroën ë-Jumpy Combi of the total 341 taxi buses .

The electric taxi buses that Noot received are used for both care and student transport in the regions of The Hague, Leiden and Zaanstad. “This means that travelers in these regions will be transported to their desired destination without local emissions,” says Martijn Kersing.

Proud Noot says it has the ambition to realize the most sustainable fleet of vehicles in the Netherlands. The more than three hundred fully electric vehicles are therefore a welcome addition. “Almost half of our fleet, consisting of such 2400 vehicles, is already zero -emission. The vast majority of them are fully electric, another part runs on hydrogen. Something we are very proud of”, says Kersing.

Lisanne van Straaten, Account Manager Business Sales at Motorhuis, looks back on a successful collaboration. “It was a huge project that I am extremely proud of,” she says of the delivery. “In addition, we are very grateful for the fact that we have been given the opportunity by Noot to supply this great number of vehicles,” concludes Van Straaten.

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Author: Olivier Smits Olivier Smits is the permanent editor of TaxiPro.



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