Attention residents who often take the train: NS shares plans for the new timetable of 2024. Train passengers traveling to and from The Hague will also have to deal with the new timetable.

According to the transport company, ‘travel behavior has changed permanently after corona’, and fits so check the timetable. A disclaimer before you read on: these are still intended changes, so the final timetable may differ slightly from the plans mentioned next year.

‘The Netherlands travels differently ‘

    President-director of NS Wouter Koolmees: “The Netherlands travels differently and NS adapts to this. That is why, where we see passenger numbers growing, we are expanding the timetable step by step. For example, we want to run more trains in 2024 from Monday to Thursday. And we also expand during the weekend. Then there will be four trains per hour between our major cities. That brings regions together and travelers comfortably at their destination.”

    Change for The Hague

      There are a lot of changes on the program, but the following changes are most applicable to travelers from The Hague:

      • NS runs during off-peak hours on weekdays and during weekends more often with Intercity trains on various routes. They will then run four times an hour instead of twice an hour. The routes mentioned by the NS include between Utrecht and The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam, Schiphol and Nijmegen and between Dordrecht and Schiphol. This is already four times an hour during rush hour.
      • NS runs direct Intercity trains between Heerlen and the Randstad on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays , travelers are currently still transferring in Eindhoven on those days.

      Below you can see the routes for which the adjustments should apply:

      Routes where there will be changes in the new timetable of 2024 | Ticket: NS


      More news about The Hague:


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