Have Are you also hungry for an ice cream with these warm temperatures? Then The Hague is the right place for you. In our city there are a lot of ice cream shops with display cases full of amazing flavors. From a simple scoop of vanilla to a scoop of salted caramel: there is plenty of choice at the salons below.

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The Ice Cabinet

At the Place in The Hague you will find The Ice Cabinet. The range is varied and diverse to surprise you as an ice cream lover time and time again. Do you go for a scoop of banana ice cream or rather just banana. You don’t have to go crazy here. All the ice cream is freshly prepared in the kitchen, so even the scoop of banana tastes like a party.

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One of the most famous ice cream parlors in the city: Florence

. In the middle of the center and with a nice terrace in front of the door where you can enjoy the homemade ice cream in exciting, but also classic flavors. Think of flavors like: gingerbread. honey, ginger, cinnamon but also just strawberry and chocolate.

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