Do you also see ants flying everywhere in The Hague? It’s not you! There are indeed a lot of flying ants active at the moment. We’ll explain why.

It turns out to be the nuptial flight of the Black-brown road ant, as the Belgian website Natuurpunt tells us. Uh, bridal flight..? Yup, that’s actually the mating dance of the ants. On a warm day, the males and queens from the ant colony take to the air en masse. The ant-queens are fertilized during this nuptial flight.

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They fall from the sky

This invasion does not last long, because after only a few days the time of mating is again past. The males that fertilized the queen literally fall from the sky (into your hair or drink, delicious), because they are not made for flying. The females bite off their wings and go underground again, to make a new ant nest there.

Missed your wedding? It just might happen that you witness a few more of those nuptial flights. In the course of the summer they often occur a number of times.

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