Cabman recently launched a new online training course, which teaches taxi drivers how to use the brand new MDT. Cabman has been offering the course related to the BCT for years, but from now on transport companies can also train their drivers to operate the MDT.

In the online course , which has been compiled by ABC Taxikeurmerk Advies en Training, Fiona and Mark explain step by step how to use the MDT. They explain, among other things, how the MDT can be operated and what exactly has changed compared to the old BCT. The course is specially designed for drivers and ensures that they know exactly how to use the MDT.

“We have always offered a course for the BCT, so we felt that a course with with regard to the MDT could not lag behind,” says Toshin Tjin-A-Sie of Cabman. “In addition, the MDT differs from the BCT in certain respects, such as the design. We have also noticed that some things seem to go wrong in practice. An example of this is making a copy of the map data. The MDT only gives a notification if this has been done the first time. We have therefore incorporated such matters into the course.”

Certificate When drivers have completed the course , they can take a test. This test contains questions about the previously told information. When drivers successfully complete the test, they receive a certificate. This allows them to demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge to operate the Cabman MDT correctly. “’That’s nice, because it’s an important part of the day-to-day business”, concludes Toshin.

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