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Travelers who take a taxi in Amsterdam spend almost eight times as much money as travelers who take a taxi in Ankara. For a ride of kilometers you pay 4. in the Turkish capital euros including entry fee. For comparison: in Amsterdam the same piece costs 20 euros.

This is evident from an analysis of the Cost of Living Index by The platform made a comparison between Amsterdam and other European capitals. The boarding rate and a journey of 20 kilometers were taken into account.

Ranking The analysis shows that a taxi in Switzerland (Bern) costs the most money, namely 65 euros for a ride of 20 kilometers. With 20 euros for a ride of the same distance, the Netherlands ranks eighth in the list of most expensive taxi rides. This puts the Netherlands well above the European average of 20,46 euros.

Malta is the second most expensive taxi ride. Travelers who take a taxi in the southern European country pay for a ride of 20 kilometers such a 38 euro: a difference of almost 10 euros compared to Swiss taxis. Luxembourg complements with 38,50 euro the top three of the ranking.

Pity According to the analysis, the Turkish capital Ankara is the cheapest city to take a taxi. For a ride of kilometers, you pay 4,06 euros. “A pittance compared to the 38 euro that you have to pay as a passenger in Switzerland,” says Discount Code. In countries such as Romania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria, prices for the same distance are also below 10 euros.

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