Last Saturday, July 8, the new queen and king of the Summer Carnival were chosen in Rotterdam. And this year there was a very nice Hague touch to it. The queen is Sharicia Hasham and she comes from our beautiful The Hague!

The summer carnival in Rotterdam is a party that we in The Hague can be a bit jealous of. Thousands of festively dressed visitors, music, feathers and of course music that you can’t stand still. This year the Queen comes from The Hague.

Dancing Queen

Sharicia won the title at the annual Royalty Election with the King and Queen of the festival being crowned after performing in front of an audience. Sharicia convinced the jury with a colorful dance show in which she paid tribute to her native Aruba. “I was born and raised there, the houses of Oranjestad were a piece of scenery in my dance and will soon also be on the float,” a proud queen tells indebuurt.

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Photo: indebuurt

The brand new queen came to the Netherlands two years ago and has been living in The Hague for over a year now. “Last year was my first time at the Summer Carnival. I actually know the carnival mainly from Aruba. As a child I really wanted to participate in the elections, but it costs a lot of money.”


Luckily, Sharicia found some sponsors and organized some bingo nights herself to raise the money for her beautiful costume. “In Aruba we like to use a lot of stones, which have been flown over with the feathers. My costume was made here in the Netherlands.”

In addition to the title, Sharicia also wins a nice goodie bag, an amount of money and a ticket from Curaçao. But she thinks it is even more important to use her title for a good cause: “I would like to set up a ‘camp’ in Aruba to make young people stronger and to give them more self-confidence. They should be proud of their own opinion.”

Summer Carnival

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Together with the King of the Summer Carnival, Orwin Gomes, Sharicia will be on Saturday 07 July on a float during the big parade in Rotterdam. “I am very much looking forward to it. It’s a three-mile route, but I really hope I get to get off the float for much of the procession to dance with the crowd. Dancing is really my thing.”

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