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Travellers who use Avan’s transportation are quite satisfied with the service. This is evident from the results of two customer satisfaction surveys, carried out by research agency Moventem. Avan’s general service regarding route transport is rated with a 7.7, while demand-dependent Wmo transport is rated with an 8.2.

For route transport, travelers are particularly satisfied with Avan’s drivers. They therefore rate them on average with an 8.3. The options to cancel a trip, the vehicles and the traveler portal

are all rated higher than last year, namely above 8. Travelers are also satisfied with the safety, comfort and ease of entry and exit. Avan’s route transport is therefore assessed in its entirety with a 7.7.

Challenges Avan’s services also score highly in the field of demand-dependent Wmo transport. In addition to the high level of general satisfaction (8.2), punctuality (8.1), communication about pick-up time (8.1), reservation (8.1) and travel time (8.2) also score high. The board of Target Group Transport Region Arnhem Nijmegen (DRAN) is therefore satisfied with the results achieved. “We are pleased that Avan travelers are so satisfied with the transport,” says the board.

“Due to the national driver shortage and high absenteeism, Avan has had many challenges in the past year. The increasing traffic on the road also has an effect on transport. Thanks to the deployment of carriers, drivers and the call center, Avan was able to guarantee the quality to a large extent. It is therefore good to note that the general satisfaction of most travelers is high.”

Complaint handling Despite the resounding figures, not everything is rosy. For example, Avan’s complaint handling with regard to route transport was assessed as unsatisfactory, namely a 4.9. This means that the transport organization scores lower than in 2022, when Avan scored a 5.4 on this point. The complaint handling with regard to demand-dependent Wmo transport is assessed by the respondents as satisfactory, namely with a 6.4.

Avan does note that about 23 percent of the respondents do not submit the complaint to the official reporting point, but to the carrier , the driver or the municipality. “Over the past year, Avan has made additional inquiries about its experience with complaints handling in order to improve quality. Avan will again pay attention to this this year. Travelers are expressly requested to submit any complaints to the Avan complaints hotline and not to the carrier or the municipalities.”

Slag om de arm Despite the mostly good results, Avan is still cautious. Various problems, such as staff shortages, increasing traffic on the roads and high absenteeism due to illness, have still not been fully resolved. “That currently makes it more difficult to deliver the quality we would like,” warns Avan. “It may be that the taxi arrives too late or that no transport is possible at the desired time. In route transport, changing drivers may be used more often. We always try to inform the traveler as well as possible about this.”

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