09 July 2023, by Victoria Séveno

Now that July is here, it’s official: last month was the warmest and sunniest June ever recorded in the Netherlands

Dutch weather took a turn for the better in June

Up until last month, the Dutch weather had left much to be desired. April 2023, for example, was the wettest April the country has seen since 1998. Luckily, all that changed in June, with the month bringing many days of sunshine and temperatures of well over 20 degrees celsius. 

Those who had suspected that the weather seen last month wasn’t typical were correct: the Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) has confirmed that 2023 brought the warmest and sunniest June the Netherlands has seen since records began in 1901.

June 2023 was warmer and sunnier than normal

Last month, the KNMI recorded an average temperature of 19,4 degrees – the typical June average is just 16,2 degrees – breaking the record set just last year. At its base in De Bilt, the KNMI also recorded a record number of so-called summer and tropical days – days when temperatures rose above 25 and 30 degrees respectively. June 2023 had 16 summer days and two tropical days.

On a similar note, figures show that the sun shone for a total of 328 hours in the Netherlands – significantly higher than the June average of just 214 hours. The sunniest weather was recorded along the western coast of the country, with both Vlissingen and Berkhout enjoying a lovely 336 hours of sunshine.

Thumb: Ralf Liebhold via Shutterstock.com.

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