In The Hague there lives a count, and his son is called Jantje… Everyone knows this well-known verse and a statue of Jantje can be found along the Hofvijver. But in the verse it is not sung what Jantje has in his basket. We looked it up.

The well-known children’s song about Jantje, the son of the count, who lives in The Hague, tells exactly what Jantje looks like: a hat with a plume and a basket. But what does he have in his basket? Cookies? Berry juice? A textbook? No, none of that. He has mushrooms in his basket, and this is why:

Haagsche Jantje

It is special to know that Jantje really existed. He was the son of Floris V and points with his finger and thumb to the place where his father lived: the Binnenhof. Count Jan unfortunately did not grow old, he only became year.

The bronze statue of Jantje has been standing since 1024 on the Lange Vijverberg and was made by artist Ivo Coljé. He made the image as Jantje would have looked as a four or five year old. A feather on his hat and a basket on his arm.

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Photo indebuurt

The basket is full of mushrooms that he picked in the Haagse bos. But why mushrooms?

Chestnut mushrooms

Ivo was apparently a huge gourmet and crazy about mushroom soup. The artist therefore chose to incorporate his favorite dish into the image of Jantje. On the website of Haagschjantje

there is even a recipe for the perfect Jantje mushroom soup to be found from Ivo Coljé.

In The Hague there lives a count

And his son’s name is Jantje

If you ask: “Where does your dad live?”

Then he points with his little hand

With his fingers and his thumb

On his hat he wears a plume

A basket on his arm

Hello my dear Jantje

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