Marieke is a passionate foodie and always looking for the newest and trendiest hotspots in The Hague. In this article she shares her favorite drinks spots, best restaurants for dinner and the most photogenic place in The Hague with you.

About Marieke

Marieke Cathalina (Lina) is a passionate foodie. “Discovering new restaurants, cafes and eateries is a real passion for me. I like to be surprised by creative flavor combinations and unique culinary concepts. Whether it’s a hip brunch spot, a fancy restaurant or an innovative street food concept, I’m always looking for new tasteful adventures. I also really enjoy inspiring people with my culinary discoveries and tips.”

The Hague

“What I like about The Hague is the international atmosphere that the city exudes. The Hague has a vibrant hospitality scene with a wide range of hotels, restaurants, cafes and eateries. Whether you are looking for local specialties or international culinary delights, The Hague has something for everyone.”

Favorieten van Marieke
Photo Marieke Cathalina (Liefslina)

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