How much the sun has been shining lately in The Hague. It is therefore important to apply good sunscreen. Residents are lucky, because in our city there is a so-called ‘grease pole’ where you can get free sunscreen.

This pole was erected on the initiative of health insurer Zilveren Kruis to protect people against the harmful effects of exposure to the sun, such as the risk of skin cancer.

Lubrication posts in The Hague

In The Hague there are fixed lubrication posts at Scheveningen and Kijkduin. That is a convenient location, because many residents come there to sunbathe. The pole will remain there until September.

Zilveren Kruis gives on their website another tip about how to properly apply sunscreen: you should use at least seven teaspoons of sunscreen use per lubrication.

That’s about milliliters at a time. This is how you can best distribute it over your body:

1 teaspoon for your face and neck

  • 2 teaspoons for your arms and shoulders
      2 teaspoons for your chest, abdomen and back

    2 teaspoons for your legs and feet

    And don’t forget to put on your ears, lips and the tops of your feet lubricate. These are those spots that you quickly forget, but which are very painful when they burn.

  • Some more facts about sunscreen

    HUKAs (The Skin Cancer Foundation)

    recommends to use at least factor 30 to use. For children you use factor 50, because they have thinner skin. Did you open the bottle? Then sunscreen has a maximum shelf life of months. The protection factor decreases over time. Store the sunscreen with the cap on at room temperature. If you take the sunscreen outside, it is wise to keep it in the shade. It is also smart to apply sunscreen every two hours and after you have sweated or swam, according to HUKAs.

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