Passport? Check! Plant sitter? Check! If you are leaving soon on a well-deserved trip, it is nice if everything is well arranged. Rotterdam The Hague Airport gives you five useful tips so that you can travel relaxed. Great!

Because let’s face it: going through all the checks smoothly is super chill, isn’t it? Precisely! You can with these handy tips.

Reserve a parking space in advance

Are you coming to Rotterdam The Hague Airport by car? Book your parking space now. The airport has several official car parks where you can park your car safely and within walking distance of the airport building.

If you have arranged – very nice – someone to take you to the airport, then use the Kiss & Ride boxes. You can also drive towards your journey by motorbike, scooter or bicycle, just like with public transport.

Check in online

The shortest check-in queue is found… at home! You can easily check in online. Once you have arrived at the airport, hand in your luggage at the drop off points. Please note the baggage rules of your

Check online what is not allowed in your hand luggage.

The rules at the airport from which you are traveling back may deviate from this. These rules may not apply there. In that case you don’t want to have to throw away liquids.

Be on time (but not too early)

Rotterdam The Hague Airport has many advantages. Not only is the airport conveniently close by, it is also small and personal. Because it is not super large, your gate is always close by. It is not necessary to arrive early: a maximum of two hours before departure is long enough.

With these handy tips are you well prepared for a smooth flight from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Enjoy your journey and a pleasant stay!



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