In the coming period you will see many children from The Hague running, playing and swimming, because the summer holidays have started in The Hague! But how do the weather gods behave at the start of the holiday? You can read it here!

Take off your shorts and T-shirt the cupboard, because it is getting hot in The Hague. Very warm…

Tropical temperatures

Friday afternoon you can toast outside (with lemonade) to the start of the holiday, because it is becoming 27 to 31 degrees , says Floris Lafaber of Blow up that pool, because it will be even warmer on Saturday with temperatures between 27 and 33 degrees. So you don’t have to go to the south of France immediately to get into a summery atmosphere.

After sunshine comes rain

After all that heat residents get thunderstorms on their roofs. Over the course of Saturday afternoon, the clouds will increase, followed by a few showers. Also prepare yourself for a sticky night, because in the night to Sunday the temperatures hardly drop below 06 degrees. Floris says: “On Sunday there will probably be showers and thunderstorms in several places. It’s getting sweltering hot with 22 until 30 degrees.”

After the weekend

After the weekend, according to Floris, residents can count on Dutch summer weather with sun, clouds and there is a chance of a few showers every day. “The afternoon temperature is between 22 and 26 degrees with the highest values ​​in the south and southeast. This makes it perfect weather to do something.”

Check the weather forecast for the coming days below:

The Hague Weather

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