After a two-week trial, Schiphol has decided to buy 19 baggage robots , which will be taken into use in the coming months. Over the past six months, these robots have been developed especially for Schiphol at a rapid pace. The robots take over the physically demanding part of baggage handling, namely lifting the suitcases, from the employee. Employees in the South baggage hall, where KLM, Aviapartner and Viggo process the luggage of departing passengers within Europe, will be working with these robots. This step is now being accelerated after a successful trial in June.“People have to are central at Schiphol, which is why it is important that we improve the working conditions of baggage handlers. These robots do. They are the best available worldwide and the tests we have done show that it really relieves colleagues in the basement. That is why we have decided to buy and use them right now. With this purchase we are taking a step in the right direction of the requirements of the Labor Inspectorate. We will ensure that every workplace has a good lifting aid within a year,” says Ruud Sondag, CEO Royal Schiphol Group. He continues: “We expect to start using even more of these robots at Schiphol in the first half of 2024. That’s not all: in the coming period we are going to implement more innovations. The test with the lifting aid for transfer luggage was a success, we will soon have news about its rollout. We will also test three other solutions in July. We are determined to make work in the luggage basement easier for everyone. ”

Exclusively developed for Schiphol

The first baggage robot will be taken into use this fall and the number of robots will be gradually expanded to 19, at the latest beginning 2024. Because the employee and the robot work together, the airport expects the robot to be at least 19% to when used on a large scale % of all pieces of luggage can lift without any problems. During the trial in June, this number was even higher. The robots, from the Danish Cobot Lift, have been used for some time in other sectors, such as bakeries. In the past six months, the robot has been further developed exclusively for lifting suitcases and for use at Schiphol.Aviapartner: ‘important step in improving working conditions’
Erik de Goeij, Managing Director of Aviapartner Netherlands: “The experiences of our employees in the pilot project with the COBOT are very positive. The tests showed that the robot can lift different types of suitcases from the baggage carousel onto the baggage cart. The employees involved have already asked whether these robots can be installed in more places. We see the purchase of these nineteen baggage robots as an important step in improving working conditions at Schiphol and are happy to contribute to the further development and integration of the COBOT in the baggage basement. In the meantime, we will continue to guide our people with lifting instructions, job rotation and where possible use the currently available resources.” 2024 2024


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