Inhabitants who spend a lot of time in the car are facing an expensive time. Prices at the pump went up on 1 July. Does this mean that you always pay the top price on petrol? No! There are places where you can refuel relatively cheaply in and around The Hague. Take a look.

We all know it: refueling is never really cheap. Certainly not since the increase that applies as of July 1 2023. But there are gas stations where you spend just a little less. Where that is, Independer’s fuel price check

will show you. This tool keeps track of the cheapest gas stations in your area on a daily basis so that you can refuel as cheaply as possible in and around The Hague.

Cheap fuel in and around The Hague

Time to zoom in on The Hague! Where in and around our city can you refuel as cheaply as possible?

Does your car run on petrol? Then it is best to visit:

  • Tango Princess Beatrixlaan
  • Argos The Hague
  • Tinq Scheveningen
  • Supertank Scheveningen
  • Bezuidenhout
  • The cheapest petrol stations for diesel users are currently:

  • Tango Nootdorp
  • Argos The Hague

  • Tango Princess Beatrixlaan
  • Tinq Scheveningen
  • Bp Express Voorburg

    Please note: these are the prices at the time of writing. Do you want the most current prices? Then check the tool.

    Cheap fuel in other cities

    Do you often drive to another city in the region for work, study, friends or your hobby? Then it is nice to also see those locations where you pay the least. The tool is very simple: enter your postal code or city on the fuel price check

    and select the type of fuel: natural gas, biodiesel, diesel (B7), Euro64 (E10), LPG, premium petrol, premium diesel or Superplus98 (E5). An up-to-date list and a card with the cheapest options will then appear. At every gas station you will find the price per liter and you can see how many kilometers you have to drive. Couldn’t be easier, right?

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