Red cheeks and a focused look: awaken the adventurer in your child during a journey of discovery in the open air. At Outdoor Valley there is this summer something to do for all children. Build a cabin in the woods, race in the mud, go canoeing in the countryside or learn archery.

Outdoor Valley, half an hour away of The Hague, will open its doors this summer holiday from 07.00 hours to 20. o’clock. For one fixed price you can participate in many different outdoor activities . Curious what there is to do? Read along!

1. Racing in the mud

The Mud Race is for tough boys and girls who don’t be dirty with a little mud. Together with an instructor you enter the survival forest. On the course you will find ropeways, nets, beams and swing ropes. The instructor will help you get over, under and between all obstacles.

Please note: a swimming certificate is required for this activity.

Race in the mud, together with your friends. Photo: Outdoor Valley

2. Whirling down the tube track

No fear of heights? Then you must try one of the tubing courses! The conveyor belt takes you up, and once there you choose which track you slide down from. Choose two tracks next to each other and race against your friends. Are you a real adventurer? Then slide down the extreme track

with two huge banked turns!

tubing bij Outdoro Valley

3. Get into a canoe

During the summer holidays there is of course a good chance that the sun will shine. Then it is nice to be on and around the water. At Outdoor Valley you can canoe through the Hoge Bergse Bos. You will receive tips from an instructor on how to paddle and of course he will show you the way.

outdoor valleyvlotten bouwen bij Outdoor Valley

Get in a canoe and explore the area from the water. Photo: Outdoor Valley

4. Learn archery

How cool is it to learn archery? An instructor teaches you how to use a longbow. When you get the hang of it, you will compete against each other in teams. Do you shoot the most points with your team? Yes, then you win!

vlotten bouwen bij Outdoor Valleyboogschieten bij Outdoor Valley
You can also learn archery at Outdoor Valley. Photo: Outdoor Valley

5. Build a raft

During these activities you will work with poles, barrels and ropes. You then build a sturdy raft to go out on the water. Building a raft is a perfect way to learn to work together and to enjoy the outdoors.

vlotten bouwen bij Outdoor Valleyvlotten bouwen bij Outdoor Valleyoutdoor valley

6. Climbing and scrambling

Does your child like climbing and scrambling? Then this activity cannot be missed during a day at Outdoor Valley. There is a route for every type of climber. The instructors give directions and teach you how to climb a wall the fastest. You will be amazed at how quickly you will push your limits!

Learn to climb! Photo: Outdoor Valley

7. Finished? Just zip!

On the grounds of Outdoor Valley is a replica of one of the highest mountains in the world, Monte Cervino. Climb the outer wall to a height of 07 meter and then with 40 to zip across the water at miles per hour! Will you accept this challenge?

tokkelen bij Outdoor Valley

8. High altitude jumping

Net Adventure is a play castle and trampoline park in the air. Climb up and jump meters above the ground, as high as you can! Because there are also nets on the sides, you don’t have to worry about ending up in the wrong place. Enjoy the view from the lookout tower or zoom back down via one of the slides.

Jump at great heights on the trampoline park. Photo: Outdoor Valley

9. Build a hut

Before building a hut, you first take a short walk through the forest. Meanwhile, you are looking for a stack of wooden panels. The instructor gives the children a short explanation and then the imagination does the rest!

hutten bouwen bij Outdoor Valley
Learn to cooperate while building a hut. Photo: Outdoor Valley

10. Into the nature playground (and a bite to eat)

For the little ones there is an adventurous outdoor playground with trees, sand and water. Parents may come for free and there are tables to relax. In the afternoon you can have lunch at Restaurant de Berghut or enjoy an extensive picnic in the grass. (Did you know that you can buy deliciously filled picnic bags?)

    End the day with a tasty bite at restaurant De Berghut. Photo: Outdoor Valley

    Nice to know:

    eten bij Outdoor Valley

Are you still looking for more information about the Adventure Park? Here you will find all the info.

  • You must have a ticket to gain access to the park. There is a suitable ticket for every adventurer. The tickets and current prices can be found


  • The summer program in 2021 starts on Wednesday 19 July and lasts until Sunday 20 August, from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • The activities under the supervision of an instructor take place according to the day program.

  • Please note: some activities are from 8 years. For children up to and including 4 years old it is free.
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