A fries or coffee to go has been a bit more expensive for all residents of The Hague since 1 July. This is because you now pay a surcharge on all disposable cups and containers. Don’t want to pay extra? Then you can bring your own kitchen utensils from various The Hague shops. Take a look!

These rules apply since 1 July

  • You pay extra for disposable cups and trays with plastic.
  • The costs for disposable cups and containers with plastic are shown separately on the receipt. The guidelines are 04 cents per cup, 50 cents for a meal tray, 5 cents for pre-packaged fruit, vegetables and nuts.
  • Entrepreneurs are required to offer a reusable option. There are two ways:
    – They offer reusable cups and containers. They may require a deposit for this.

    – They fill your own cup or tray.

  • A pre-packaged salad from the supermarket cannot be put in your own tray.

Source: Central government



Scoring a cup of coffee at Starbucks and then on to your work, study or something else! That is the ritual of some inhabitants. At the American chain you can bring your own mug. You do that? Then you save 05 cents. Useful!