The beach season in The Hague has started. We roam the coastline again and talk to the bartenders and women on the beach.

What do you do besides work in the beach club?

“I studied law in Leiden, but that turned out not to be my passion. That is why I have decided to study business administration in Rotterdam next year.” In addition, Toby is a fanatical sportsman and likes to spend his time playing football. “I play three times a week – and I can also be found regularly on the padel court,” he says. “And of course I also enjoy a nice drink from time to time.”

What is the nicest compliment you have received from a guest?

“I find the best guests are people who are open to my way of service. I like to pamper people completely, with a touch of humour.” And beachhunk Toby is always open for a nice chat.

What is the best dish we can order from you?

He finds that a difficult question. Baia Beachclub is new to the Zwarte Pad. “We have a great menu

with Asian dishes. The chicken gyoza always goes in with me!”

What is your favorite summer drink to serve?

“My favorite summer drink to serve is definitely the Hendricks Gin Tonic, nice and fresh and with an insane garnish.”

Why do you want to become the Beachhunk of 2022?

“I would consider the title ‘Beachhunk from 2022’ a real honor, because I have been on the beach since childhood am.” He has been working in the beach bar since he was . “I do that with great pleasure, and this season will be no different.”

We think that the ladies and gentlemen who work on the beach deserve to be put in the spotlight. In the coming weeks we will introduce you to various hunks and babes from The Hague. When the last candidate has introduced himself, we ask you to vote for your favourite. The winner or winner wins eternal fame and a beautiful trophy with the title Beachbabe/hunk 2022.

This was last year’s winner !

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