In The Hague and the surrounding area there are colorful picking gardens where you put together your own field bouquet. With scissors and basket in hand, you go out and cut your favorite flowers. It is possible in the harvest and picking gardens below.

Buurttuin De Zoete Aarde

You can already see the picking garden of Buurttuin De Zoete Aarde along the Broekweg side in Zoetermeer. As long as the flowers bloom, you can cut them for a self-assembled bouquet. Think of sunflowers, chrysanthemums, tulips, hydrangeas and gypsophila. After cutting you pay in the pavilion and take your fresh bouquet of field flowers home.

Bloemenpluktuin Zoete Aarde Zoetermeer

The flower picking garden of De Zoete Aarde . Photos: near Zoetermeer

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Hortus Populus

From May to November you can pick your fresh field bouquet at picking and harvesting garden Hortus Populus. With a bucket and scissors you dive into the garden and then come out with your favorite flowers. You can pay afterwards in the shop.


In the self-harvest garden of BIJ MEI in Zoeterwoude you can pick colorful, organic flowers during the flowering season. You have the choice of yes 50 species in the green garden, full of bees, butterflies, vegetables, fruit and herbs. Afterwards you pay once for your bunch of flowers, or you purchase a strippenkaart for several picking moments.

The picking garden of BIJ MAY is open for pickers from June to October. This is possible on Wednesday from 12. until 30.00 hours, Friday from 12.00 until 16.00 hours and on Saturdays from 07.00 until 15. o’clock. AT MAY you will find on the Ommedijkseweg 12A in Zoeterwoude.

Pluktuin BIJ MEI

Plucking garden AT MAY. Photo: Celebrate Love photography

Plucking garden De Zonneroos

In the huge garden with thousands of flowers of De Zonneroos you can put together your favorite field bouquet. There are annual flowers such as loosestrife, sunflowers, snapdragons and marigolds. But there are also perennials that you can pick from, such as daisies, butterfly bushes, yarrow and lupine.

De Zonneroos is open from the end of June to October. You will find the picking garden on Tiendweg West 12A in Lekkerkerk. You pay in cash.

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Plucking garden De Buytenhof

At Pluktuin De Buytenhof you can pick the first wild flowers from June. They do have more than 50 types of flowers! In the farm shop you get a pair of scissors and cut the flowers for your bouquet. Afterwards you pay for your field bouquet in the store.

Pluktuin De Buytenhof is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00 until 17.00 o’clock. You will find the garden on the Rijsdijk 96 in Rhoon.

De Atmosphere Stable

In the middle of the Green Heart you will find the flower picking garden of De Atmosphere Stable. With a basket and scissors you can go into the huge garden of 1 hectare to cut your favorite flowers. Are you going for the rose, magnolia, marjoram, margriet or marigold? Afterwards you pay for your bouquet: the minimum amount is 6 euros.

The The flower picking garden of De Atmosphere

is open from June to October. Opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10. until 30. o’clock. The address is Hogendijk 5 in Nieuwveen.

Or to the florist

No time to pick your field bouquet yourself. Then go to one of the florists in The Hague:



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