It’s summer (right?), and that means fewer people use public transport in The Hague. According to HTM, this is therefore the perfect time to tackle the tracks, switches and overhead lines on the Lijnbaan and Laan van Meerdervoort without too much hindrance. You can read the temporary measures below.

The timetable of various HTM trams is from Saturday 8 July to Thursday 3 August considerably disrupted. So take extra travel time and diversions into account.

HTM tram line work

HTM will be working from Saturday 8 July to Thursday 3 August to tracks, switches and overhead lines and that has consequences for tram 2, 3, 4 and 12. The route of tram 3 is split into two parts; a bus runs on the Hague part and tram 3 still runs from the center of The Hague to Zoetermeer. Tram 2 and 4 are diverted and tram will not drive during the work. Tram 12 runs neither (but that is because of the summer timetable).

Tram 2

Tram 2 will run with red/beige trams during the work. These trams are not accessible for travelers with a walker or in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Tram 2 runs between the stops De la Reyweg and Brouwersgracht a diversion route. After the Brouwersgracht stop, tram 2 takes the usual route via the tram tunnel and The Hague Central Station to Leidschendam. In Leidschendam, tram 2 runs straight ahead after the Mall of the Netherlands stop to the Leidschendam-Noord terminus. For HMC Antoniushove you can change to tram at the Mall of the Netherlands stop 12 .

Disappeared tram 2 stops:

• Monstersestraat

• HMC Westeinde

• Brouwersgracht

• HMC Antoniushove

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Tram 3

Tram 3 runs from Zoetermeer Center to the Den Haag Central station and then via the Kalvermarkt/Stadhuis and Centrum stops to the temporary terminus Gravenstraat. Tram 3 does not run through the Grote Marktstraat tram tunnel.

From the Grote Kerk/Centrum stop, the (temporary) bus 25 to Loosduinen. Transfer from tram 3 to bus 33 or vice versa, can be done at the Gravenstraat-Grote Kerk/Centrum stop.

Discontinued tram 3 stops:


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