Expats are increasingly discovering Nijmegen as a coveted destination, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and exceptional quality of life. Here, Daniela Stoyanova from Crown Relocations delves into the reasons why Nijmegen is capturing the hearts of expats across the Netherlands.

Tucked away in the east of the Netherlands lies the beautiful city of Nijmegen, a quaint place which exudes an irresistible charm with its rich history, vibrant culture, and artistic allure.

1. Nature’s playgroundNijmegen’s idyllic location alongside the picturesque River Waal gives its residents easy access to breathtaking natural landscapes and a wealth of outdoor pursuits. The surrounding lush forests, undulating hills, and captivating river vistas beckon all nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Lose yourself in the enchanting embrace of the Nature Reserve Ooijpolder, where you can see various birdlife and Dutch vegetation just a few minutes away by bike or by foot. You can also embark on exhilarating cycling expeditions through the scenic countryside or indulge in leisurely strolls along vibrant waterfront promenades. Further, Nijmegen’s commitment to environmental stewardship enhances its appeal as a city that cherishes the splendours of the natural world.

2. Your gateway to exploring EuropeAs Nijmegen sits in the eastern part of the Netherlands, the city is ideally located thanks to its close proximity to Germany and Belgium. This allows for opportunities to discover the charms of neighbouring countries with just a bit of transport time.

You can go on exciting day trips to picturesque towns, immerse yourself in the cultures of nearby cities, or explore the natural wonders of the region. Nijmegen’s excellent transportation connections, including efficient train services and close proximity to international airports, make it effortless to embark on new adventures.

3. Endless art and cultureNijmegen’s culture is one of vibrancy, as its local art scene enthrals both locals and expats alike. You can participate in the city’s numerous events, festivals, and exhibitions which ignite your senses and immerse you in its lively atmosphere.

One example of an exciting local event is Nijmegen’s International Four Days Marches, a world-renowned walking event which unites thousands of people in a week-long celebration of sport and camaraderie.

Are you an art lover? Then you can engage with the city’s dynamic art community at the Honig Complex, a transformed industrial site that hosts workshops, studios, and galleries which foster creativity and inspiration.

4. Work opportunitiesNijmegen thrives on a robust and diverse economy, presenting exciting career opportunities for expats. The city’s strategic location and progressive business environment attract both national and international companies. From the burgeoning technology sector to the flourishing healthcare industry, Nijmegen offers a broad range of employment options.

5.Timeless heritageThere is a sense of history and legacy when roaming the streets of Nijmegen. This is evident in its well-preserved old town as well as its unique architectural wonders. Strolling through the narrow streets of the city centre, you can marvel at the classic buildings and ornate fountains. Some iconic landmarks, such as St. Steven’s Church, Valkhof Park and the Kronenburgerpark are fantastic ways to immerse yourself into the city’s timeless charm.

6. Emphasis on quality of lifeNijmegen consistently ranks among the top cities worldwide for its exceptional quality of life. This Dutch city is committed to providing a way of life that promotes sustainability and an appreciation for nature. The residents of Nijmegen can explore natural landscapes and engage in a variety of outdoor activities.

The city also places a strong emphasis on the well-being of its residents, boasting exceptional healthcare facilities and services. The Radboud University Medical Centre, a leading academic hospital, stands as a beacon of medical excellence in the Netherlands.

7. Excellent educational institutionsNijmegen boasts some of the best educational institutions and programmes in the country. Radboud University is known for its high-quality standards and offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s programmes. What is more, their green campus is located just south of the city centre, making it an ideal place for students and academics.

The city is also home to the HAN University of Applied Sciences which offers practical studies across a broad range of subjects in the fields of business, education, economics, and healthcare, to name a few.

Ready to move to Nijmegen?Nijmegen offers a thriving cultural scene, diverse economy, and exceptional quality of life. It’s a welcoming community to all expats seeking a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. It’s no wonder why many are now deciding to relocate to the beautiful city.

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