‘I want to live in a villa when I grow up’: didn’t we all say that when we were younger? While looking at Funda, we noticed that there are actually quite a lot of villas for sale in The Hague. One is even bigger and more luxurious than the other. We’ve listed them for you. Are you watching?


Villa number one is located in the Kraayenstein and Vroondaal district and has eight bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garden all around. The exterior of the house is white with black and has a stately appearance. The inside is sleek, new and the decor is neutral. The house is close to Madestein, the beach of Kijkduin, public transport and the shops in Loosduinen.

Abbess Badelogehof

A sauna, a bubble bath, two glass conservatories and located on the water: that is a small summary of villa number two. The house is in 2014 and is located on the edge of nature reserve De Uithof. The inside is sleek and has many black details. In addition to a large garden, there is also a large balcony on the first floor where you can enjoy the sun.

Countess Jacobalaan

Villa number three was built in 2014 by architect Vlassak Verhulst. The mansion is chic and luxurious. To get to the house you have to go through an electric gate, after which you drive up the beautiful driveway. The inside is light and there is even a special area for massages. The house has four bathrooms, a sauna and is located on the water. Ultimate enjoyment!


Don’t you like all that new? Then villa number four might be more your style. The inside gives the feeling that you are visiting an English grandmother’s house. The kitchen is green, the living room has a fireplace and there is a pink bathroom. The luxury of this villa is the amount of space, the sauna and the atmosphere is very special.


Villa number five is located in the green district of De Lanen. A private garage, twelve rooms, two bathrooms and a large green garden: this house has it all. The location is also not bad. It is located on the outskirts of The Hague and close to various roads. This way you can be in The Hague, Rotterdam and even Amsterdam in a short time!

Hertog Filipslaan

A home from the future: that’s the feeling you get when you enter villa number six. There is a grey/silver kitchen and silver accessories can be found throughout the house. Luxury is certainly not lacking in this villa. In the garden there is a jacuzzi, there is a en suite bathroom to the master bedroom and a private gym has been built in the basement.

De Rhijenhof

Finally, there is villa number seven. This farmhouse dates from the year 1597 and is located near Wateringen. The house has a steam room, a sauna, a large roof terrace and its own café. On the ground floor there is a bar with a real beer tap and a pool table. Here you can enjoy wonderful evenings with friends and family.

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