residents who love ice cream should read on, because there is good news to report. On Thursday 6 July you can get free ice cream in The Hague at the Q-Ice Cream Truck!

The Q-Ice Cream Truck will soon be at a location in our city and you can score a free ice cream there, given away by Qmusic DJs.

Q-Ice Cream Truck in The Hague

Would you like a free ice cream from Taksi, Maaza or DubbelFrisss? Then intervene on July 6 11: and 18: 00 hours to the Great Marktstraat in The Hague and make your move!


You don’t just get those ice creams from an ice cream seller, but from one of the famous Q DJs. Who knows, Kai, Domien, Menno, Joost, Mattie or Tom will hand you an ice cream! The location where the Q-Ice Cream Truck is located may change if, for example, the weather turns bad, so keep an eye on the Q-instagram

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