While people are enjoying their lunch at the edge of the Hofvijver or under the trees at the Lange Voorhout, they are not the only ones eating their fill. The bags on the trees have very hungry content.

You may have noticed that paper bags have recently been attached to several trees. The people of the website of the municipality, Het Haagse Groen

know all about what those bags are.


Lime trees in particular have a lot of aphids. Their poop can cause a nuisance. That is why the lice are tackled with their natural enemy: ladybugs. “A tree full of aphids is a top restaurant for ladybugs,” says arborist Rosko Webley of Haagse Groenbedrijf.

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Photo: Indebuurt

Many lime trees on the Lange Voorhout and along the Hofvijver have received their annual natural pesticide against aphids. These little red rascals can do more than 20 lice per day. In this way they ensure that no sticky excrement from the lice ends up on terraces. Happy patio owners and visitors!


The municipality’s arborists have recently with larvae attached to trees at a height of six meters. This is usually done with a cherry picker. “Many people think ladybugs are cute. But they are insect killers. Ants, aphids and ladybugs keep each other in a natural balance in their fight for survival. It’s war in a tree like that!” says Rosko.

The timing of the job is important. “There must be a lot of aphids so that ladybugs can eat well, otherwise they will starve to death.” Hanging on the Lange Voorhout alone 64 bags with 200 larvae per bag. A larva can 50 until 100 lice per day. So per bag between 10 and 20. lice eaten per day.

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