Transport company Juijn has assured itself of gym and swimming transport in West Betuwe. The municipality reports this on TenderNed. As of 12 August, the mobility group from Zaltbommel will be responsible for the implementation of this type of school transport for at least two years.

The assignment only includes transport to and from gym and/or swimming facilities, which have been reported to the contractor by the clients. In total, about 485 students have to be transported by Juijn. The number of students and the number of journeys may change during the term of the agreement.

A total of two transport companies have registered for this assignment. During the tender procedure, the municipality of West Betuwe mainly looked at the quality and price of the transport. The price-quality ratio was therefore in balance, namely: 04/50. The assignment has a term of at least two years, but West Betuwe can choose to extend the assignment twice by one year.

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